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Dealing with an outbreak or wanting to prevent your home or facility from becoming a breeding ground for pathogens?

Making sure that your work area is clean and decontaminated is a simple and effortless procedure with Tulsa Fogging and Sanitizing. Home cleaning services or commercial janitorial services that use simple sanitizing wipes or cleaning solutions is no longer enough to keep your family or employees safe from infectious diseases or viruses such as the common cold, flu or even the coronavirus. When hiring Tulsa Fogging and Sanitizing Service you will be providing a disinfected environment for your family, customers and employees that far exceeds other cleaning methods. Our superior disinfectant fogging discharges a consistent and uniform stream of fog into the air which settles onto surfaces and penetrates into crevices that you can't reach with other cleaning techniques. Our fogging sanitizer provides 99.99% kill of disease and odor causing organisms within 5 minutes contact, and has a continuous residual bacteriostatic activity for up to 6 months. We service the Greater Tulsa Area with our 24 hour Outbreak Response assuring your facility or home will be safe and ready to use quickly.

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EPA List-N Approved

Our Disinfectant Solution is a hospital grade disinfectant registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency List-N (EPA registration number 8383-3). US EPA reviewed testing by independent laboratories has proven our Disinfectant Solution to kill 99.99% of viruses including but not limited to the Influenza A virus (H1N1 Pandemic Flu) & the human coronavirus (Covid-19) for both enveloped and non-enveloped pathogens. Our EPA registered disinfectant solution is suitable for use around children, pets and the chemically sensitive, provides 99.99% kill of disease and odor causing organisms, and has continuous residual bacteriostatic activity for up to 6 months. Our Fogging Process can be performed in commercial businesses such as schools, churches, offices, aircraft, and many residential applications such as homes, apartments, rental properties, vehicles, RV's, campers & automobiles.

The Science of Disinfecting

Our custom ultra-low volume (ULV) foggers combined with our EPA approved sanitizer allows our technicians to generate a very high volume of air flow which efficiently and effectively spreads the sanitizing fog far distances, making it great for larger spaces. The superior fogging devices we use are great for disinfecting both hard and soft surfaces and are very effective with airborne disinfection. The thick fog penetrates into every nook and crevice and as it settles it lands on every item in your home or facility. The fogged solution we use is of such a small molecular size that it is literally dry to the touch and virtually unnoticeable. Our ULV equipment gives the user the freedom of not having to wipe or rinse surfaces after fogging because it turns liquid into particles that are so small it dries within point of contact, making it an easy one step application. Our 24 hour Outbreak Response assures your facility or home will be safe and ready to use quickly and within just a few hours of application.

Why It Works

Anyone who has been infected by a cold, flu or virus entering, residing or working in your home or place of business has the potential to infect the area. Our EPA approved disinfectant works in several ways, but its main purpose is to destroy and break down the cells of pathogens, viruses and bacteria left behind by others. Our 5 minute "Dwell time," is critical to the effectiveness in killing or inactivating these pathogens. After one application of our sanitizing fog treatment your home or facility will be safe, clean and sanitized providing others with a healthy work and living space.

We make Sanitizing your Home or Office Fast, Easy & Efficient

  1. Schedule your appointment now using our easy online scheduling or give us a call at (918) 814-8113.
  2. Receive your guaranteed price quote within minutes.
  3. Prepare your home or facility prior to our scheduled arrival time.
  4. Upon arrival a professionally trained fogging technician will have your home or facility sanitized within just a few hours with our 99.99% EPA registered disinfectant.
  5. Wait a few hours for our sanitizing fog treatment to settle and do its job.
  6. Breath easy! you're good to re-enter your space and work with peace of mind.

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Preparing Your Space For Our Arrival

  1. Close all windows and doors in your space.
  2. Ensure that pets and people are not present while we’re fogging.
  3. Food items, glasses, dishes placed in cabinets, not left sitting out.
  4. Allow one hour before entering after application.
  5. That's it!

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